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Слушать электро книгу про том сойєр ты хек маклоу ю рай скачать мп3 Sabbath-school hours were from nine to half-past ten; and then church service. The congregation being fully assembled, now, the bell rang once more, to warn laggards and stragglers, and then a solemn hush fell upon the church which was only broken by the tittering and whispering of the choir in the gallery. There --that is it. One of his upper front teeth was loose. What is it, Mary, tell me what it is. Tom went on groaning. Tom contrived to scarify the cupboard with it, and was arranging to begin on the bureau, when he was called off to dress for Sunday-school. В своем мире Том Сойер чувствует себя легко и свободно. The awe which these reflections inspired was attested by the impressive silence and the ranks of staring eyes.

Эта классическая история, с первой минуты увлекающая слушателя в яркие приключения и шалости, воссозданного автором дивного мира детства. The boys all hated him, he was so good. Sid flew down-stairs and said: So the boy eagerly drew his sore toe from under the sheet and held it up for inspection. The boys were all eaten up with envy--but those that suffered the bitterest pangs were those who perceived too late that they themselves had contributed to this hated splendor by trading tickets to Tom for the wealth he had amassed in selling whitewashing privileges. Именно благодаря ему весь мир познакомился с таким замечательным героем по имени Том Сойер. Сэмюэль Клеменс настоящее имя автора писал как раз о том, чему был свидетелем и что переживал сам.

Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Mark Twain

Аудиокнига На Английском Языке

And now at this moment, when hope was dead, Tom Sawyer came forward with nine yellow tickets, nine red tickets, and ten blue ones, and demanded a Bible. The minister gave out the hymn, and read it through with a relish, in a peculiar style which was much admired in that part of the country.

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He was fully as uncomfortable as he looked; for there was a restraint about whole clothes and cleanliness that galled him. But the pathos, the lesson, the moral of the great spectacle were lost upon the boy; he only thought of the conspicuousness of the principal character before the on-looking nations; his face lit with the thought, and he said to himself that he wished he could be that child, if it was a tame lion.

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